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In many people’s mind, cosplay is most often related to complicated costumes, armors, impressive props, out-of-this world creatures and other visually stunning elements. But what about those characters who are depicted in casual clothes, with casual hairstyle and nothing out of ordinary to present at the first sight?

Article by Ruxandra Târcă…
shizuku-x Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
Thank you for the interviews :)

I admire kuryu and yossan very much and am glad that this article is being shared online for fellow cosplayers and photographers to appreciate :) kuryu's cosplay style is being as accurate yet also as natural as she can as the character she portrays while yossan's photography is often being described as having a crystal-clear transparency like that of water. I am truly heartened to know that they have been invited to be featured in this article. I find this title - The complicated art of keeping it simple - especially apt. Indeed, the simplest of all outfits requires the greatest immersion into character by the cosplayer. Thank you once again for this beautiful article. Look forward to such insightful articles/interviews in future :)

sidenote: perhaps Cosplay Gen could inform kuryu (and yossan) about the publication/release of the article/interview as they were completely unaware of the online release of the article when i shared the article with them yesterday evening. Thanks :)
MisatoLx Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
I like how you enhance the importance of performance, body language and physical similarities for "simpler" cosplays, those are definitely aspects to consider if you cosplay a character in casual everyday clothes (or close to that). It's just a pity you only concentrated on male characters, there are plenty of female characters in the same category.

Personally I avoid those kinds of cosplays for a very simple reason, if they look like everyday clothes, I'm not really dressing up, and for me cosplay is mostly about dressing up and the unusual, sometimes outrageous, designs one finds in anime and manga. This to comes to another perspective, I like "simple" cosplays of another kind, costumes with little decoration (trimmings, lace, bling, and so on) but whose design is on itself recognizable (in my case, mostly vintage 70's-80's anime or manga). It makes you, as a costumer, focus on the smallest details and better construction skills. In most cases, if you don't nail the overall silhouette, it won't be recognizable. But don't get me wrong, I like CLAMP costumes as much as the next cosplayer, but all those details tend to turn a cosplay very expensive and time consuming, and most of the times I can't afford that.

Any way, I wasn't expecting you to cover all these aspects in a small article, you shouldn't or it would become something huge and deviating from the point of an article, but I'd like to mention this, as for me it is an important aspect of cosplay and of costume constructing, which is the part I most prefer in cosplay.
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January 28, 2014


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